Programs for Grieving Parents

Our programs for grieving parents are designed to help families thrive and grow closer through their experience.  We will dive into what it takes to support a grieving teenager while still honoring your own feelings and emotions.

Peer Support Group

“Parenting Through Grief” Support Group for Parents of Grieving Teens

  • Not your typical “grief group”. This group strives to bring levity to the surface and to celebrate our good times and learning experiences.

  • Emphasis on understanding the adolescent bereavement process. After all, teens can be complicated under the best of circumstances – add grief to the mix and it can be downright confusing!

  • Tools for keeping your teen on track toward their future goals while managing your own grief

Family Support

“New Family Traditions” Weekend Retreat for Families

  • Two day family retreat focused on helping families think through the traditions that help them honor their loved one.

  • Create a family plan for the year.

  • Bond with other families and build on your support system.


Together, we can make a difference. Volunteer for a fundraising event, or donate directly to help a grieving family today.