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Getting “Unstuck” From Grief


It’s no secret: I’m a huge “sucker” for animals. I’ve volunteered in animal rescue efforts for several years and earned my soft-hearted reputation among friends, family and neighbors. (And, frankly, I’m proud of it). So it was no surprise in the summer of 2020 when a neighbor thought to ask for my help in attempting to save a newborn bunny — a bunny whose littermates had been killed by a dog and whose mama had disappeared. Boogie, as this tiny rabbit came to be known, was the only survivor of the suburban backyard massacre. When I picked him up, even I was shocked at just how tiny and helpless he was. He barely had any fur, his eyes were shut tight, and all he could do was scoot around the little box he’d been placed in. No hopping, no blinking, no nibbling on carrots. I knew I was in over my head but I wasn’t going to say “no” to this challenge. This little guy was in dire straits and badly needed a mommy bunny or an animal-loving “sucker” who was willing to try her hand at wildlife rehabilitation. And there I was...

Getting “Unstuck” From Grief2023-05-30T07:09:03-06:00

Founders Blog


It's completely surreal to find myself typing my first blog on my new website for my newly formed Not-for-Profit organization.  I've either completely lost my mind, or I'm about to embark on an amazing new journey.  I'm not gonna lie....I'm terrified.  Probably not as terrified as my family (see:  Mom's lost her mind).  You see, I had a great career in Sales Leadership for the last 20 years.  I learned a TON.  I never worried about money.  However...

Founders Blog2023-05-30T07:09:03-06:00
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